Legacy Trunks refinishing procedures and information.
Our tips on how to refinish and restore your antique trunk.

 The following photos and descriptions are examples of some of our procedures we use, and challenges we face during Trunk refinishing, and the transformation of them during our process.  Here, you can also find parts, and trunk refinishing / restoration books.
Go here to see photo examples and descriptions of how we strip, clean and refinish, our trunks.
We realize that sometimes people will find an Antique Trunk which they would like to refinish themselves. We love working on ours, and the trunks we refinish for clients. While we have some beautifully refinished Trunks for sale, we are glad to help you with some information to help you work on your own trunk.

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1800's Flat Top type Trunk, before and after refinishing.....See What we Mean?
This job involved approx. 25 hours of refinishing.
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Original interior Original Front Exterior Sideview and missing handle
Original rear view with canvas straps Trunk Top view Bottom (generally rusty)

.....Refinished Parts
Go here to see before and
after photo examples of how we remove, clean, refinish and replace trunk parts.



Restoration Photos and 'How We Refinish Our Trunks''
Go here to see photo examples and descriptions of how we strip, clean and refinish, our trunks.



The new book, Antique Trunks, Refinish, Repair, Restore-Revised and Expanded, has arrived. This great book features over 175 new images and 200 pages crammed full of information on restoration. The authors have consulted with many experts in the trunk business to make this the most comprehensive how-to book on the market. It has special chapters on lock repair, quilted tops, tray making, and a special section on tips and tricks. It also includes a list of resources for supplies and parts. Please click on the order button below to put in your order. The retail price is $29.99 plus $5 for Priority Mail shipping.

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