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Antique Refinished Dome Top 'Camelback' Trunk'with Metal Embossed Star Leaf and Floral Design

Here is a beautiful camel back trunk. I call this a "camel back" because the rounded top is higher in the center than the ends. Others may call them a dome top or round top trunk. The star leaf and floral design embossed metal is quite stunning on this trunk with it red and gold colors and all the fancy metal trim and hardware are complete and original. I have seen some of these at LegacyTrunks and I admire the old metal covered trunks, and this one is much nicer than most I have seen, so I couldn't pass it up. The hardwood slats (probably hickory, oak, or elm) have beautiful wood grain and have a rich patina that only comes with age. The metal is all in great shape with no rust holes, missing pieces or other damage. The leather handles are original as well and still have many years of use left in them. The metal bottom is very clean and has the original wood slats and metal rollers. The interior is clean with no odors and can be used to store many items, or the trunk is great for display. This is really a beautiful trunk! The trunk was probably made in the late 1880's to 1890's and it would like to continue its Legacy in your home. Dimensions 30"L X 17.5"W X 21"H (The height measurement is from the side, please add approx. 2 more inches for the height to the dome)